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Protect your vehicle this summer!

There are many natural and unnatural substances out there waiting to damage the finish of your vehicle! Bird droppings, tree sap, environmental fallout, rocks, road debris, etc. can and will damage your paint if it's left unprotected. New vehicles do not come from the factory with any type of paint protection, so it is important that you immediately apply a coating to protect the vehicle. Here are three different ways to protect your vehicle from the elements this summer!

The cheapest way to protect your paint is with a Paint Sealant or Wax. Paint Sealants last 6 or so months, and protect your vehicle from natural substances (bird droppings, sap, etc) for a short period of time. You will notice an improvement in the shine of the finish as the wax fills in the small imperfections and scratches. There are many different affordable options (sealants, polishes, waxes, and glazes) that we offer to protect your vehicle for under $100.

Ceramic coatings offer long term protection from the elements, and are much harder than wax, or paint sealants. They last much longer, and provide protection ranging from 3 years to 8+ years. Ceramic coatings add great shine to your paint, but do not fill imperfections, so a paint correction is necessary before the coating is applied. While coatings are very effective, and last much longer, they are more expensive than paint sealants or waxes, and typically run $800 to $1,500 depending on the coating, and the amount of paint prep required.

Clear Mask is the best option on the front of a vehicle to protect from rock chips and road debris. While it can be pricey depending on the amount of the vehicle needing coverage, it offers the most protection, and XPEL carries a 10 year warranty and is self-healing. Clear mask can be installed, and then a ceramic coating can be applied over it for maximum protection and shine. Our clear mask packages start at $199.

If you have any questions regarding any of these paint protection services, or would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us or give us a call or text to 970-443-8154.

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