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Prevent Rust with our Paint Chip and Touch Up Services!

Before and After Touch Up on a Chevy Tahoe

It's amazing how small chips, scratches and dings can negatively affect the appearance of a vehicle. However, what most people don't consider, is that damaged paint can cause much bigger issues than just an unsightly appearance. Often, when paint is damaged, causing a chip, or chunk of the paint to be removed, it causes bare metal to be exposed.

What's the problem?

Without the paint's protection, this bare metal will quickly rust, due to road salts, and deicing chemicals. Over time, this exposure increases the size of a paint chip, thereby exposing even more bare metal to potential rust, and accelerating the issue.

Once a patch of bare metal rusts, the rust can spread to other areas underneath the paint, eventually creating more damage that will need a conventional body shop to be repaired. This is not desirable, and can be prevented by repairing the chips/scratches before the panel starts to rust.