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Paint Chip Repair


Innovative Auto's Paint Chip Repair process drastically outperforms the competition! We can restore the look of your paint for a fraction of the cost and time of refinishing the panel!

Our results speak for themselves!



Superior Results

We pride ourselves in top quality paint chip repairs. With over 350 colors in stock, we are sure to have a color that will match better than any touch-up you buy from a dealership!

Our unique system allows for the touch-ups to fully fill the cavities of the paint, while making the damaged areas virtually undetectable, resulting in a repair that is barely noticeable, for a fraction of the cost and time of a body shop repair!


Our unique process creates results that exceed the results of "traditional touch up"!



Increase your vehicle's value with our Paint Chip Repair! Paint Chip repair dramatically improves a vehicle's apperance, making it easier to sell.


Repairing paint chips prevents the paint from peeling, and prevents rust from forming. 


Our Paint Restoration is able to restore the look of your vehicle for a small fraction of the cost/time of repainting entire panels! 




Innovative Auto uses top quality paint, creating a permanent repair, that will not flake out, or peel off. The paint is strong enough to withstand pressure washing, and will not fade or crack.


We're so confident in our Paint Chip Repair, that we offer a 1 Year Warranty!



 The repair price is determined by the number of chips, size, and depth of the chips, as well as the color of the vehicle.  Please give us a call at 

970-443-8154 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

Most repairs are in the $50 to $300 range.

Chevy Tahoe Paint Chip Repair
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