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Warranty Information


Innovative Auto, LLC is committed to using our tools, knowledge and ability to restore your vehicle to it's fullest potential. We will do our best to restore your vehicle back to it's original condition, however, we may be unable to restore certain damage, scratches, chips, headlamps or plastic. Results will vary depending on the age and condition of the vehicle. Innovative Auto, LLC certifies that all repairs will be free of defects in materials and workmanship.  



Paint Chip and Scratch Repairs, Plastic, and Headlamp Restorations are covered under a minimum of a 1 Year Warranty. These Warranties only apply to repairs performed by Innovative Auto. If a defect in workmanship or material is noted or observed, Innovative Auto will repair such defect(s) at no cost to you, with proof of warranty given at the time of repair. Innovative Auto does not warranty damage due to: accidents, neglect, abuse, misuse, Mother Nature, previous rust damage or prior repairs performed by the owner (you) or another company.


Paint Chip Repair:

In regards to paint chips, we firmly believe that our system is the best system in the industry, however, some chips, surfaces or colors may be difficult for the paint to adhere to the substrate, or fully fill the cavity of the chip. As paint shrinks 85% when it cures, sometimes multiple applications are necessary.


Scratch Repairs:

Scratches generally require the panel to be repainted, but at times they can be buffed, filled or touched up to minimize the impact of the damage to the vehicle. Again, it will not be perfect, but will look  much better. Results may vary depending on size, width, or depth of the scratch or color of the vehicle.


Head Lamp Restoration:

Our headlamp restoration will restore cloudy, hazy, yellowed, and dull headlamps by removing the top layers of plastic, and then sealing the newly exposed clear layers of plastic to prevent future wear and deterioration. Unfortunately, we are unable to remove micro-cracking that occurs on the inside layers of the plastic lens, or water droplets/fog that collects on the inside of the lens. All Head Lamp Restorations are covered under a 3 Year Warranty.


Plastic Restoration:

Our Plastic Restoration will drastically improve the look of faded and dull plastic. While it generally will improve the look of any type of plastic, some types of plastic turn out better than others. Results may vary depending on the type of plastic, location of plastic, or previous damage to the surface.  We cover all Plastic Restorations under a 1 Year Warranty. 


If you ever have a concern with our service, repairs, or products, please contact us at (970) 443-8154. We appreciate your business, and will strive to keep your vehicle looking great! 


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