Plastic Restoration

Innovative Auto is able to restore the original look of your vehicle's faded, oxidized, or dull plastic. We are able to restore almost any type of plastic, and in any size! Our proprietary process creates extraordinary results!


Restoring your vehicle's plastic drastically improves the look of your vehicle, and prevents further decay of the plastic. Restored plastic brings your vehicle back to life, and drastically improves the overall look of the vehicle!


Plastic Restoration on a Dodge Ram Door Handle

Our Plastic Restoration is not only a great value, but it also increases the value of your vehicle! Replacement of plastic components is costly, and time consuming! We are able to restore the look of your plastic for a fraction of the price of replacement of components, and can do it in a quarter of the time!





A small, simple cowl is $30.00

A large, or complex cowl is $40.00

Bumper covers $40.00


A Pair of mirrors  $30.00

All Four Door Handles $35.00

Bed Caps $40.00

Pair of Bumpers $60.00


Full Vehicles:

Chevy Avalanche (Pre '07) $250.00

Chevy Avalanche (07-Up) $160.00

Nissan Xterra $150.00

Volvo XC70 $130.00

Plastic Restorations vary on price based on size and complexity.


While cheap "restoration" kits are avaliable at stores, these "solutions" fail to restore the plastic, are streaky, greasy and rarely is the restoration permanent. We have tried all the rest, and ours is the best!


Our Plastic Restoration removes oxidization, and conditions and seals the plastic for a great looking, long-lasting finish that you can only get from Innovative Auto. 


We're so confident in our restorations, that we offer a 1 Year Warranty!

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