Clear Mask



Protect your investment with Clear Mask! 


Innovative Auto only uses the highest quality clear mask on the market.  All of our masks are self-healing, won't crack or turn yellow,  and have great clarity making them harder to notice on the vehicle. 


This 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06 has been fully clear masked with XPEL Ultimate from bumper to bumper

Why should you invest in Clear Mask?

- Prevents rock chips, scratches and other damage to the paint

-Protects your paint without causing more damage (eg, regular Automotive Bra)

 - Increases your vehicle's value for a minimal investment

-  Self healing mask keeps the appearance of the film clear

- 10 year warranty mask provides amazing clarity, protection and durability

- 12 Inch Clear Mask (Hood and Fenders) Starting at $199.99
-18 Inch Clear Mask (Hood and Fenders) Starting at $249.99
- Full Front End (Full Bumper, Full Hood, Full Fenders, etc.) Call
- Full Vehicles - Call to discuss pricing.
- Mirror Caps $50 per pair
We have several different options for Clear Mask, please call us for more information. 
Please note that the pricing varies depending on several different factors.  
Trucks, SUV's and large vehicles cost more than smaller vehicles.  
Call 970-443-8154 for custom jobs and/or pricing specific to your vehicle.
XPEL Clear Mask 2015 Ford Mustang GT