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Please read through some of our testimonials given to us by our customers. We take pride in our work and strive for

100% Satisfaction!

If you are a customer of Innovative Auto, we would love to hear from you! 

Please email us at

"Scott and the Innovative team fully restored my van! It looks fantastic, and I couldn't be happier with the result!" -  Maureen K.


"I had Innovative Auto retore my 2001 Honda Prelude. Scott and Max did a great job fixing the heavily chipped hood as well as fixing keying scratches on the side of the car, and restoring the faded plastic. I am extremely happy with the results that they were able to get from the car. The paint was not in good shape and they were able to restore it to the point that I won't have to get the car repainted now. Innovative auto saved me thousands of dollars! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They also stand behind their work which makes me feel good as a customer. If your car has paint chips or needs a little bit of paint restoration don't hesitate to give them a call!"  - Nick D.


"Innovative Auto repaired the paint chips, and scratches on my truck, and I couldn't be happier with the results! The repair dramatically improved the look of my truck, and for a very affordable price!" - Scott L.


"I highly recommend Innovative Auto! Scott and Max provide quick, affordable and incredibly efficient work. I had been worried about driving at night and through rain because my lights had been so clouded that they did not project to their full potential. After having a headlight restoration done the haze is gone, and my lights look brand new ...without having to do a costly replacement! I was also amazed to watch the magic of Innovative Auto's rock chip repair and plastic restoration. They can take your car with graying sun damaged plastic and years of rock chip damage and give it back its color and shine.

Thanks again, I will be sure to recommend you guys to family and friends!" - Emily R.


"Thanks for such a good job!" - Terry B.


"Thanks Scott and crew for the bang up job on our tint. Our 2 yr old never has to go on another road trip with a blanket over her head." - Matt C.


"Looking to spruce up my car before selling it, I called Innovative Auto and spoke with Scott, one of the owners, who came to my house to check out my car and give me a free estimate. Later on in the week he took my car and buffed out some rough spots, painted some scratches, restored my headlights and fixed my loose bumper. It's clear that this isn't just a job for him--he takes pride in what he does and it's truly a passion if his. He dropped my car off when he was done...I literally didn't even have to leave my home and I had a refurbished car. Talk about concierge service. I sold my car within 4 hours of listing it. While I can't pinpoint Scott's work to be the deciding variable in selling my car, I certainly consider it to be a significant one.  Will be a repeat customer for sure." - Devin K.


"I had my headlights restored and the technician did a great job. The job was quick and my headlights look brand new. I can see much better at night now. I would highly recommend!" - Matt E.


"They fixed the paint scratches on my car for a third of the price body shops quoted me. My car looks brand new!" - Theresa F.


"Scott did a great job on my headlights. He even came and did the job while my car was parked at work which was very convenient! I have an 01 and I don't think anything was done to clean the headlights they look brand new, i'm very impressed." -Katie K


"Had some minor paint touchup done (removed pinstriping, some scratches, and filled in some rock chips) as well as got window tinting.  Scott was very responsive and the price was more than reasonable.  The car looks great and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone." -Tom B. 


"Window tinting service last week here-efficient, knowledgable ,helpful,& trustworthy. Love the tint ! Ever so pleased with both service & renewed privacy . Thank you!" -Rhonda R.


"I have the most wonderful things to say about Scott and Max at Innovative Auto. The best thing being, they love what they do. When they heard my car had been scratched, they lit up like little kids at Christmas. I have a Blue Candy Tint paint color on my car and they babbled on and on about how much it is their favorite paint color. They were very excited to help me fill in the scratches and fit me in immediately. I got my car back quickly and they did a fabulous job matching the paint color. The prices are great too! I recommend them to everyone."- Katy J.


"I had my wifes BMW Detailed and Waxed, My Powerstrokes windows tinted, and head lights restored. They took great care of me and Scott was there for anything I needed. Thanks again! I will be back for anything else I need done. Great Local Business!!!" - Matthew M.


"Great customer service. Got a full polish done on my car and some scratch repair as well. The polish made a day and night difference on my car, I was honestly not expecting it to be that good but when I saw my car in the afternoon sun today I was truly impressed. Also got a lot of road rash off my front bumper, which was very nice. All and all a great experience, very fair pricing and fantastic customer service." - Charlie S.


"Absolutely fantastic work. I have a new truck that had some misfortune in the first few months of ownership with objects getting dragged past it leaving some deep scratches in the clear coat. I brought it to Innovative Auto and they buffed it out and brought the luster back. When I came back to the shop I was saying "What scratches?!?! Where did they go?" Those pesky things had mysteriously vanished while the truck was in their shop. Hands down I recommend this shop as the first stop for your professional automotive detailing needs. Great friendly knowledgeable and honest hard working folks." - Jackson G.

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