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Keep your vehicle protected this winter!

Harsh winter weather, along with sand, dirt and magnesium chloride wreak havoc on your vehicle's paint finish. Worn paint is not only unattractive, it also reduces your vehicle's value when you try to sell or trade it in. Forunately, there are things you can do to prevent the winter months from permanently damaging your ride's finish.
1. Make the sure the paint is coated. This is the most important thing! Wax and sealant creates a shield that protects against road salt, magnesium chloride and grime, as well as snow, sleet and rain. Untreated paint can be damaged very quickly and easily! Whether you do it yourself, or have us do it for you, keeping the paint protected is critical for a nice, long lasting paint job.
2. Clean the vehicle when it's possible! When there is a nice day, pressure wash your vehicle to rinse away all the grit and grime, especially on the wheels, wheel wells and undercarriage. Pressure Washing or a High-pressure spray loosens and removes road grime and magnesium chloride, reducing the chances of permanent damage in hard-to-reach areas such as rocker panels and quarter panels.
3. Apply Wax/Sealant when it's clean! Additional layers of wax will help protect the paint midway through the winter season. Spray wax is quick, and easy to use and layers with the coats of wax already applied.
4. Be Careful when brushing snow! Be careful when scraping your windshield to avoid the rubber seals and watch the paint! Do NOT use a windshield scraper on paint! Instead, use a soft snow brush or a foam brush.
5. Consider a Clear Mask! Clear Mask will protect whatever surface that it is on, and is even self healing, giving you a piece of mind that nothing else can provide. We use XPEL Ultimate, which we firmly feel is the best in the industry. Xpel won't yellow or delaminate, and will cause no damage to the paint when it is removed. Check it out!
6. Give it a thorough spring cleaning! When the warmer weather hits, be sure to get your vehicle as clean as possible to remove any left over magnesium chloride which can damage the body. It's always a good idea to use a clay bar, and give the paint a good polish. If that sounds like too much work, once again, we can do it for you. Might as well right? You have better things to do!
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