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Winter is just around the corner! 5 Tips to prepare your vehicle!

With Winter not too far off the distance future, it's a wise idea to check your vehicle, and make sure that it is ready for winter, before it's too late. Vehicle repairs are much better made in advance, and when the weather is nice, instead of on the side of the interstate in a blizzard. Here are some tips to prepare your vehicle for winter.

1. Check your tires. Inspect the tread depth to ensure maximum traction. If your tires are 4/32 or less, then it's time to replace your tires. Also be sure to keep them at the recommended air pressure, as tires lose air pressure in the cold weather. Snow tires, and cold weather rated tires can also make driving in snow and sleet much more enjoyable.

2. Check your vehicle's fluids: Make sure that your vehicle is topped off on all of the essentials, and that your radiator and cooling system has at least 60% anti-freeze/coolant to keep from freezing in cold temeratures. Also make sure your Windshield Wiper Fluid is reservior is full.

3. Inspect your vehicle's lights: Make sure that all of your vehicle's lights are functioning correctly. Inspect your Head Lights for signs of cloudyness or yellowing which may cause the light to appear dim. If the lights are in need of Restoration, contact us today to have them Restored!

4. Inspect your vehicle for paint chips: Areas where the paint is removed are similar to open wounds on the human body, they allow dirt, air and water to get under the paint, causing the condition to worsen, and rust to form. Road salt, sand, and magnesium chloride commonly used during winter can damage your car's paint if left on the surface for an extended period of time. Rinsing it off every once in a while can help, but a good wash and coat of fresh wax will go a long way in preventing corrosion and keep your vehicle looking like new. If your vehicle is chipped or scratched, we can repair the damage before it gets worse.

5. Be Prepared: Always store a snow/ice scraper and a shovel in your vehicle. A first aid kit is another must-have item. It should include all the usual items plus winter extras like flashlights, a fresh supply of batteries, blankets, matches, extra clothes, bottled water, and non-perishable snacks. Peanuts and granola bars are good protein- and carbohydrate-rich foods.

Be prepared, and stay safe this winter!

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