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Yellowed Headlights are Dangerous!

Why Head Lamp Restoration is Important

It's no secret that yellowed and cloudy head lamps drastically reduce your night time visibility. Yellowed and Cloudy lenses do not sufficiently allow the beam of light to escape the housing, causing the head lights to appear dim.

Our Head Lamp Restoration removes the yellowed and cloudy plastic, allowing the beam of light to cleanly pass through the lens, and onto the road and objects ahead of you. This is especially important for those that do a lot of night time driving in the mountains, where wild life is prevalent.

There have been many times customers did not realize how dim their head lights had become until we had restored them, and they noticed a huge difference. For one customer, it even kept her from hitting a deer, just two days after we restored her headlamps.

Don't take a chance with your and your families' safety by driving with yellowed or cloudy head lamps. We guarantee you will see the difference, and wish you had called us sooner!

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