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Paint Chip Repair on a Toyota Sienna

A Before (Above) and After (Below) Comparison of Head Lamp and Plastic Restoration on a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

A comparison on paint chip repair on a Chevy Silverado hood. Notice how the chips on the repaired (right) side are barely visible.

Scuff Removal

Plastic Restoration on a Volvo XC70

Plastic Restoration on a PT Cruiser Cowl

Plastic Restoration on a Toyota Sienna Cowl

Headlamp Restoration on a 1996 Mustang Cobra

Headlamp Restoration on a Hyundai Santa Fe

Headlamp Restoration on a Ford Superduty

Headlamp Restoration on a Hyundai Sonata

The slide show above shows comparison shots with before and after shots of many different repairs and restorations.

Paint Restorations

Headlamp Restorations

Plastic Restorations

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