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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Innovative Auto unique?
    Not only do we offer services that create results that are superior to the alternatives, but also result in complete customer satisfaction! Our products, service, warranties and customer service are unmatched in the industry.
  • How do I know that Innovative Auto is a Reputable company?
    Innovative Auto, LLC is fully insured, registered in the State of Colorado, has 5 star reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook, and currently holds an "A" rating with the BBB.
  • Do you offer any discounts or specials?
    Yes we do. "Like" our Facebook Page to receive discounts and special offers!
  • Do you have Gift Certificates avaliable?
    Yes we do. Gift Certificates are a great gift for the hard to shop for person in your life! Call us at (970) 443-8154 for details.
  • What forms of payment do are accepted?
    We accept cash, check, and all major debit/credit cards. Please note there is 3% charge on debit and credit card purchases.
  • What detail products does IA use?
    We use high quality, locally owned, operated and made in Louisville, Colorado's Adam's Polishes. We firmly believe they are some of the highest quality detail products on the market and have been very impressed with the results over the 2 years we have used their products.
  • What is a clay bar, and what benefit does it provide?"
    A clay bar is exactly that; a bar of clay. It's used to remove contaminants and junk that gets embedded in the paint (bird droppings, tree sap, bug guts, rail dust, environmental fallout, etc). This results in the paint being clean and smooth, and also increases the shine and longevity of the paint.
  • What are the advantages of having Innovative Auto restore my car?
    We are able to restore the look of your vehicle for a fraction of the cost of replacement or refinishing of parts/panels. There are other options for auto restoration, however, they either cost significantly more, or are less than desirable repairs.
  • How long do the repairs or restorations last?
    Touch ups applied by Innovative Auto are guaranteed to withstand a power washing, and carry a 1 Year Warranty. If any repairs need to be made, they will be made quickly and efficiently.
  • Can your touch up match the color of my car?
    Yes. Our proceess uses OEM formulations supplied by major auto paint manufacturers to match your color code. Please be aware that many colors have variants due to different production locations or methods as well as fading due to the sun. The deviations are generally very minor but in some cases can be slightly noticed. If your touch up color is noticeable different, we will work to get you a much more suitable color match.
  • Will some chips still be visible after the repair?
    Innovative Auto cannot (and does not claim to) restore your vehicle's paint back to factory specifications. After we repair your vehicle, some chips may still be visible up close (depending on the size and depth) but the overall appearance of your paint will be significantly improved. It is likely the chips won't be visible from more than 3 or 4 feet away, and will drastically improve the overall look of your vehicle.
  • How does this compare to a body shop repair?
    Please be advised that the services we provide are for paint chip repair and touch ups. It is not a solution to ALL paint repairs, nor is it a substitute for a body shop repair. However, body shops charge several hundred dollars for a "perfect" repair - if you are not inclined to dish out that kind of cash, we provide the best alternative.
  • How does your touch up process compare to regular or "traditional" touch up?"
    Our unique process allows us to cover the entire affected area with paint, and then go through and remove the excess paint that is not in the chips. This allows for a much smoother and better end result than a traditional touch up job that creates many "dabs" of paint that are usually raised above the surface of the paint. The difference in quality is easy to see!
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