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Dealers and Fleets 

Innovative Auto understands that the auto industry is all about the bottom line. Typically, the dealerships that sell the most cars make the most money, and the ones that have a stagnant inventory don't do nearly as well.  In order for inventory to move off the lot, customers must feel that they are getting a good deal. When a vehicle has chipped and scratched paint, faded plastic and yellowed headlamps, the customer is less likely to think that the vehicle is worth the asking price, even if the vehicle is in otherwise great condition.  


This is where we come in, specializing in quick, quality, affordable reconditioning services. All of our services can be performed on your lot in a short period of time, with a quality repair that will be undetectable. 


Improve the look of your inventory for a minimal investment and start selling better looking cars more quickly!


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Our Services

Paint Chip Repair

  • Our unique process looks far better than traditional touch-up

  • ​We can fill in small cavities that traditional touch-up cannot

  • Will drastically improve a car's appearance in around 30 minutes

  • We are able to match the color of paint exactly with factory paint codes

  • 1 Year Warranty!

Plastic Restoration

  • Our plastic restoration conditions, and seals plastic

  • A permanent solution for restoring faded and worn plastic

  • Doesn't streak, leave residue, or wipe off

  • 1 Year Warranty

Headlamp Restoration

  • Restore the car's appearance, and night time visibility

  • Increase the vehicle's value, while increasing safety 

  • Restoration costs a small fraction of replacement of headlamps

  • 1 Year Warranty!

Paint Scuff/Scratch Removal

  • Improve the apperance of a vehicle's paint by removing paint scuffs and scratches

  • Most outside paint can be removed from the surface

  • Scratches can be buffed or filled to reduce their apperance

Rust Spot Removal

  • Quickly removes surface rust from chrome surfaces

  • Safe for all chrome and chrome cladded surfaces 

  • Brightens, and clears up cloudy chrome

  • 1 Year Warranty!

Windshield Chip Repair

  • Repair Windshield Chips for an affordable price!

  • Prevent chips from turning into cracks. 

  • $0 out of pocket cost with Glass Coverage.

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